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Cuba Travel Packages(9)

Cuba vacation package - Salsa Dancing in Cuba
Salsa Dancing in Cuba
Agent Commission: $325.50
5 Days / 4 Nights
Learn to Salsa dance in Cuba with four nights of private instruction, and show off what you have learned with evening visits to some of Cuba's exciting night clubs. Additionally, you will get to...
Cuba vacation package - Touring CUBA in  September
Touring CUBA in September
Agent Commission: $404.50
8 Days / 7 Nights

September 9-16, 2017 - Experience Cuba with one of our travel experts in Latin American Tourism. This eight day group tour package is just the right length to really get to know Cuba and...

Cuba vacation package - Cuba Cigar Tour
Cuba Cigar Tour
Agent Commission: $318.90
5 Days / 4 Nights
This tour of Cuba is a must for the cigar-lover! Learn how the famous Cuban cigars are made, from touring a tobacco plantation to enjoying the finished product. You will also experience the history...
Cuba vacation package - Experience Colonial Havana
Experience Colonial Havana
Agent Commission: $266.90
5 Days / 4 Nights

Havana, the Capital of Cuba and the largest city. Located just 90 miles from the Florida Keys, a visit to this city will create a lasting memory for you due to its rich history and the unique...

Cuba vacation package - Cuba Junket
Cuba Junket
Agent Commission: $156.90
3 Days / 2 Nights
A wonderful way to sample the best of La Havana. Re-energize in a city by the ocean where you can have fun day and night! We've prepared this experience with the intention of whetting your appetite...
Cuba vacation package - Explore Cuba
Explore Cuba
Agent Commission: $475.50
11 days/ 10 nights

Cuba - the largest island in the Caribbean - is located just 90 miles south of Florida. This package will allow you to visit the Northern and Southern Beaches with all the unique sites and...

Cuba vacation package - Havana and the Beach
Havana and the Beach
Agent Commission: $463.50
11 Days / 10 Nights

With this exciting package, you will experience the best of Cuba. Spend four days exploring Cuba's beautiful capital city, Havana, and learn about its history and culture. Next, head to Trinidad,...

Cuba vacation package - Touring Cuba
Touring Cuba
Agent Commission: $404.50
8 Days / 7 Nights

This eight day package is just the right length to really get to know Cuba and experience all of its beauty and history. From Old Havana to Hemingway's hot spots, you will leave Cuba with a real...

Cuba vacation package - Cuba: A Tropical Beauty
Cuba: A Tropical Beauty
Agent Commission: $368.50
6 Days/ 5 Nights

Start with a visit to the beautiful beach region of Varadero where you will enjoy the all-inclusive resort. Then head to Havana to experience this amazing culture, architecture and the people of...