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Uruguay Travel Tours (14)

Uruguay travel tour - Horseback Riding
Horseback Riding
1-4 hours

Choose from 6 horseback riding options;

Countryside & Lagoon-Enjoy a horseback ride overlooking the shores of the Lagoon and along the Uruguayan campo. We will ride cross-country along...
Uruguay travel tour - Bike Rides
Bike Rides
1-6 hours

Choose from 5 bike riding options.

BIKE RIDE IN RURAL JOSE IGNACIO Enjoy a ride along the rural trails of Jose Ignacio that lead to Laguna Garzon and the circular bridge. We will tour the...

Uruguay travel tour - Water tours
Water tours
1-6 hours

KAYAK TOUR (OR PADDLE BOARD) TO THE GARZON LAGOON The natives of our country used canoes as a primary means of transport. These were the Guarani people who, upon navigating the rivers and...

Uruguay travel tour - ATV Tour to
ATV Tour to "El Caracol" The protected area
2 hours
The day begins with an ATV ride along Camino de las Portuguesas and down to the coast bordering the lagoon strip of the natural reserve of Laguna Garzón. After crossing the circle bridge, we will...
Uruguay travel tour - Cooking classes
Cooking classes
4 hours

Choose from 2 different options for cooking classes.

AT THE HOME OF A LOCAL CHEF Join one of our local chefs in a culinary experience coordinated in a private format (by reservation...

Uruguay travel tour - Hiking tours
Hiking tours
4-9 hours

Choose from 6 different hike/trekking options.

HIKE FROM JOSE IGNACIO BEACH TO THE COUNTRYSIDE Hike along the beach alternating coastal views of the Atlantic Ocean with sand dunes. We...

Uruguay travel tour - Photography Tour
Photography Tour
2-3 hours
Do you love photography? Are you dreaming of photographing stunning landscapes? It is hard to describe just how magical it is to be out in the Uruguayan landscape with your camera. Uruguay is a...
Uruguay travel tour - Art Tour
Art Tour
4 hours
It is hard to believe that a small country like Uruguay would have so many talented visual artists. From the map of South America, which Joaquin Torres Garcia placed head over heels in 1935 to the...
Uruguay travel tour - Punta Del Este & Surroundings Private tour
Punta Del Este & Surroundings Private tour
4-6 hours
Private tour of Punta Del Este and the surrounding villages. Begin with a visit to the intriguing “Casapueblo”, a spectacular property on the hillside over the Atlantic Ocean, designed by the...
Uruguay travel tour - Tour of Pueblo Eden, Wines & Olives
Tour of Pueblo Eden, Wines & Olives
4-6 hours
The experience begins at a local Olive oil plantation where we will learn about the extra virgin Olive oil production in Uruguay. After an olive oil tasting, continue to Viña Eden winery located...
Uruguay travel tour - Visit Garzon, the
Visit Garzon, the "Uruguayan Tuscany"
4-6 hours
The tour begins with a visit to the sleepy town of Garzon where we will visit the main square, chapel and train station. Continue onto Garzon Winery for a visit with tasting and lunch included....
Uruguay travel tour - Private Yacht tour to Punta Del Este Bay
Private Yacht tour to Punta Del Este Bay
4 hours
Step aboard a private yacht and enjoy a great day along the Punta del Este Bay. Visit the rocky cliff of Punta Ballena, where steep rocks plunge into the Atlantic Ocean of Uruguay and enjoy the...
Uruguay travel tour -
"Dia De Campo" at a traditional Estancia
4-6 hours
The day begins with a visit to Estancia La Soleada, a traditional estancia where Rebeca’s family works the land, breeds cattle and horses. The day begins with a hike to the local hills where a...
Uruguay travel tour - Beach Day with Lunch at
Beach Day with Lunch at "El Chiringuito" by Mallman
4-6 hours
BEACH DAY WITH LUNCH AT “EL CHIRINGUITO” BY MALLMANN It’s the new opening in Jose Ignacio by Francis Mallmann. You can spend the whole day at the beach and expect delicious food including...