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Image by Andrés Dallimonti


Tour with the Pharaohs

Explore the streets of Cairo and Luxor, cruise down the Nile, experience the majesty of Egyptian history, and end among the ancient quarries of Aswan with this once-in-a-lifetime adventure tour of Egypt.   

9 days/8 nights


If you’ve dreamed of standing at the foot of the great pyramids, now is the time to escape to Egypt.


Peruse the treasures of King Tutankhamun in Cairo, and answer the riddle of the Sphinx at the Great Pyramids of Giza before flying to Luxor to embark on your Nile River cruise. Visit the Karnak and Luxor Temples, the Valley of the Kings and Queens on the Nile’s West Bank, and the Temple of Horus with its menacing black stone falcon statue, built during the age of Cleopatra. Take in the fascinating sights along the Nile, including bluff-top temples to the crocodile and falcon gods, the unfinished obelisk of the granite quarries of Aswan, and the Temple of Isis recovered from the submerged island of Philae.


All this and more when you explore Egypt with Condor.


Flights & Transfers

Group or private transfers for the airport, scheduled activities, and transportation to purchased excursions are included.

International and domestic air is not included, but can be quoted to fit your package.

Package Pricing & Quotes

All packages are priced per person in a double occupancy room. Single supplement may be available.

Shopping & Souvenirs

There are many opportunities for shopping throughout the tour, however, please follow the direction of your tour guide closely. The Egyptian culture is very unique and can be overly aggressive for many travelers. Your tour guide will be able to identify vendors who are trustworthy.

The US dollar is accepted in most circumstances and some locations may accept credit, but it is strongly recommended you procure the local Currency, before or on arrival to Cairo. 

Visas & Entry Fees

Visas, passport fees, and any entry/exit taxes are not included. Fees vary based on port-of-call and country of origin. 

Travel Protection

Travel protection is not included in the initial quote but can be added on if the traveler so chooses. Ask us for a quote today!

Excursions & Services

All guided excursions identified in your itinerary are included. Additional excursions may be purchased prior to your departure and as late as your welcome dinner with your tour guide. 


Additional services such as laundry or international calling are not included onboard. 

Meals & Drinks

All onboard meals during your cruise are included - breakfast, lunch, and dinner. When not onboard, meals outlined in your itinerary are included. This amounts to 75% of your meals while touring.


When you purchase the tour through Condor, key gratuities are included (your primary tour guide and drivers). Other gratuities are not included; your tour guide will communicate tipping guidelines throughout your adventure in both US dollars and local currency.


For your Nile cruise, the cruise line recommends gratuities of 25-30 USD per person, per day.

Please note, Egypt has a thriving tipping culture, be careful engaging with locals who may expect a tip for any service they feel they have rendered. 

COVID Testing

COVID testing fees are not included but can be added to your package based on travel restrictions. 

Meet Our Expert


Alexandria- expert traveler

PXL_20220207_163242502_2 (1).jpg
Alexandria Snow is an experienced world traveler and cultural enthusiast who has explored all seven continents.  Egypt is one of her favorite destinations, in her opinion its history and rich culture add brilliance to the human experience and she is excited to share it with you. Alexandria has designed and led many tours to destinations around the world, focused on providing authentic cultural experiences through local history, traditional ceremonies, and historic sites. 
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