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Machu Picchu Classic


7 - 10 days

Embark on an unforgettable journey through the heart of Peru, where ancient civilizations and breathtaking landscapes await. Begin your adventure with a warm welcome to Lima, the vibrant capital city, before transferring to the charming town of Cusco, nestled in the Andes Mountains.

Immerse yourself in the rich culture and history of the Sacred Valley as you explore the ancient ruins of Pisac and delve into the highlights of this mystical region. Experience the magic of Ollantaytambo, where cobblestone streets and Inca terraces transport you back in time.

Prepare for the adventure of a lifetime as you board the train and hike into the legendary citadel of Machu Picchu, marveling at the awe-inspiring beauty of this UNESCO World Heritage Site. Explore the ruins and embark on an exhilarating hike to Huayna Picchu, where panoramic views of the surrounding mountains await.

Return to Cusco, the historic capital of the Inca Empire, where colonial architecture and Andean culture blend seamlessly. Wander through the cobblestone streets of the city, visit ancient temples and bustling markets, and immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of this enchanting destination.

With memories to last a lifetime and a newfound appreciation for the wonders of Peru, bid farewell to this extraordinary country as you embark on your journey home.

Stating at $2,995 per person

Cancellation Policy

Guest must notify Condor Tours & Travel of cancellation of trip. If no notification is received, guest will be charged the full cost of the trip. With notification, a refund or credit voucher may be given at the discretion of the tour operators, tour agencies, hotels, and cruise lines. Air is not refundable. All refunds and credit vouchers may incur a processing fee. If trip is rescheduled, rates are subject to change based on new dates.

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