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Santiago's Streets to Patagonia's Peaks


8 - 18 days

Indulge in the vibrant energy of Santiago as you embark on a culinary journey through its bustling streets, sampling delectable local cuisine and world-renowned wines that reflect the rich cultural tapestry of Chile. Immerse yourself in the city's dynamic atmosphere, from its lively markets and historic neighborhoods to its contemporary art scene and vibrant nightlife. Then, venture out to the surrounding wine region, where rolling vineyards and sun-drenched hillsides await, offering a tranquil escape into the heart of Chile's winemaking tradition. Explore renowned wineries, savoring the flavors of award-winning varietals and learning about the winemaking process from knowledgeable vintners.

As your adventure continues, journey to northern Patagonia's Lake District, where nature's splendor takes center stage amidst a landscape of towering mountains, pristine lakes, and ancient forests. Explore picturesque alpine villages nestled among snow-capped peaks, where time seems to stand still and the air is filled with the scent of pine. Take in the breathtaking vistas of crystalline lakes reflecting the surrounding wilderness and majestic volcanoes rising in the distance. Whether hiking through pristine national parks, kayaking on azure waters, or simply soaking in the tranquility of nature, northern Patagonia's Lake District offers a serene and unforgettable retreat into the heart of Chile's natural beauty.

Want even more? Extend into or explore the arid vistas and geological wonder of the Atacama.

Points of interest: Santiago, Plaza De Armas, Viña del Mar & Valparaíso, Puerto Montt – Puerto Varas, Balmaceda & Serrano Glaciers, Chiloé Island, Torres del Paine National Park

Starting at $2,825 per person

Cancellation Policy

Guest must notify Condor Tours & Travel of cancellation of trip. If no notification is received, guest will be charged the full cost of the trip. With notification, a refund or credit voucher may be given at the discretion of the tour operators, tour agencies, hotels, and cruise lines. Air is not refundable. All refunds and credit vouchers may incur a processing fee. If trip is rescheduled, rates are subject to change based on new dates.

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