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Marcia D. from Arizona says...

Lori, I have been home a week and I have still not caught up with all that needs to be done. Maybe the reason for this is that I take time to think about the trip to Portugal which was wonderful. Amazing to think of all the things we did and saw in ten days. The tour director (Pedro Pinto) and the coach driver (Augusto) could not have been better. Interesting that we, USA citizens, were in the minority. There were 8 of us out of 49 travelers. The food was excellent. I am inspired to make my own artisan bread, Portuguese soup, and I purchased a cataplana so I can cook fish stew and other delectable concoctions. However, I missed American coffee. By the end of the tour I was getting used to coffee and hot milk, but I savored that first cup of black coffee that I ordered as soon as we landed in Philly. Thank you for encouraging me to go first class air fare. It made the long flight more comfortable and I think helped with the jet lag. Needless to say, I thank you for all the planning and caring that you put into the trip.


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