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Paul R. from New York says...


Sorry this has taken so long to get to you but I did want to send something in writing even though I have expressed my appreciation to you in person. Trudy and I had a great time in Panama for my 40th Class Reunion in March. Since my mother still lives there, I have been to Panama over ten times after graduation, but this is the first trip where I let someone else make the arrangements. This is definitely the way to go!

The benefits of not having to worry about getting from the airport to the hotel in the incredible Panamanian traffic, especially at night, was worth whatever premium we paid. The accommodations were excellent. We made our own booking for the last night when we returned from David and I must note that we were on the rear side of the hotel, overlooking the gas storage tanks and not on the front looking out over the canal as with your accommodations. You definitely have some connections!

All the activities were well planned and went very smoothly. Having the small bus to take us from place to place with a driver and tour guide was indeed a blessing. Although most of us had grown up in Panama, it was most interesting to have someone explain the changes. The guides and drivers were incredibly courteous, professional, informative and friendly. I realize that you work with some local firms to provide the services, but I would be hard pressed to tell who worked for Condor or for another company. It was all very seamless. We heard a number of complaints from those who did not make the arrangements through Condor, and who, to save a few dollars made their own plans, regarding the royal treatment we were getting which they did not have.

Finally, and I could add a number of other instances where Condor and your staff excelled, I truly appreciated all the follow up before the trip to make sure we had all the necessary paperwork for a smooth trip and stay. I would highly recommend Condor to anyone who is traveling to Panama and I am sure your other excursions are as professional as to this destination. I would certainly consider traveling with Condor again.

Trudy and I thank you and all your staff.


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