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Taquile & Uros Island Tour

8 +/- hours

Tour Description

This tour begins at Huayllano, the lake port for the Isle of Taquile, whose inhabitants give a friendly welcome to visitors.

- Traditions, customs and colorful costumes are maintained on the island. The islanders are skilful craftsmen and employ the techniques developed over the centuries by their ancestors.

- You will be welcomed into one of the houses to share their activities, such as weaving. After this is a delicious lunch made from local ingredients. Then, a walk back to the Main Square to board the launch that will take you to the floating islands of Uros.

- These islands consist of layers of totora and are their inhabitants' homes and workplaces.

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 Tour Notes

  • Comfortable walking shows recommended
  • Hat and Sunscreen recommended
  • Light jacket recommended
  • Sequence subject to change

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8 +/- hours Peru Travel Tour