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Tatio Geysers

6-hours +/-

Tour Description

Departure at dawn (4:30 AM) to the Tatio Geysers. Breakfast box in the Geysers before a gentle guided walk around the geothermal field with observation of the natural phenomenon of the steam columns, which are viewed at their best as the sun rises. Continue towards Caspana, a village located at 3,300 m a.s.l. in a fertile valley surrounded by an arid environment, located on the slopes of a deep ravine which is known for its terrace farming system. Then, continue to Chiu Chiu. The imposing church of San Francisco is the icon and symbol of this settlement, dating back to the 17th century, with an amazing structure that was declared a National Monument and is Chile’s oldest church, built in 1611. A visit to the Pukará de Lasana comes next, a pre-Columbian fortress and remarkable national monument built in the 12th century with an amazing construction technique. Made of uncut rocks with 110 structures built into it, its layout includes several rooms connected by narrow interior passages.

 Tour Notes

  • Comfortable walking shows recommended
  • sunscreen and hat recommended
  • Light jacket recommended

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