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Medellin's Social Transformation Tour

8 +/- hours

Tour Description

You will experience the social transformation that the city has had, from the times it was consider the capital of drug trafficking in the decades of the 80s and 90s, to being an example of progress and civic culture now a days. At the end of this tour, you will understand why Medellin is one of the most special and interesting cities in Colombia.

Transfer to El Poblado you will visit three places, which are linked, to the history of the drug lord Pablo Escobar: The Monaco Building, la Virgen de los Sicarios and his tomb in the Central Cemetery. During this part of the tour, our guide will introduce you to key aspects of social problems generated by the Medellin Cartel and Escobar and its impact to the city between 1984 and 1994, year in which the famous drug trafficker was killed.

Afterwards, going through the Avenida del Rio to reach the city’s downtown and visit the “Parque de las Esculturas” also known as the Plaza de Botero, which has an outdoor display of 23 sculptures of Fernando Botero. Then continue to Pies Descalzos Park, which is a place for relaxation. This park is located in the middle of the city. Then you will go to the Museum of Antioquia, which houses the public collection of pre-Hispanic, republican and contemporary art of the most important national and international artists of the region.

Then you will be transfer to the Metro Cable, the first cable car system that works as means of public transport. You will take the route to Santo Domingo Savio neighborhood in which you will visit the Spain Library, designed by Giancarlo Mazzanti, Colombian; it is one of the 5 library-parks in town.

Here you will appreciate its stunning design while enjoying an interpreted tour which shows an overview of the significant socio-cultural transformation the city has had.

We continue with a scenic tour of the Arví Park, which has 16,000 acres of saltwater ecosystems, pre-Hispanic roads and a market operated by local producers and entrepreneurs.

We will have lunch in a typical local restaurant.

Continue to learn more about the paisas in Sabaneta, a small town near Medellin where you can sample the regional liquor in a typical fonda.

The tour ends in one of Medellin’s trendy zones located in the area of El Poblado, the Parque Lleras. Here you will have the opportunity to feel the festive atmosphere of Medellin and its people, and you will find the best bars and restaurants in town. Your guide will suggest the best one according to your preferences.

 Tour Notes

  • Comfortable walking shows recommended
  • Hat and Sunscreen recommended
  • Light jacket recommended
  • Lunch included

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