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Condor News: Leadership Update

As a proudly woman-owned business, we are thrilled to see Condor soar to new heights. 

The recent leadership transitions at Condor mark a significant milestone in our journey. Lori, the driving force behind Condor for over three decades, is passing the torch to her capable successors, Kristen and Alexandria. Lori’s confidence in their abilities speaks volumes, and we're excited to see what the future holds under their guidance. 

"I am excited about the future of Condor Tours & Travel with the addition of Kristen Snow as CFO and Alexandria Snow as COO. I have spent 30+ years building Condor Tours & Travel to a formidable travel company and now I am ready to just sell and enjoy travel and let these two amazing ladies take over the day to day running of Condor Tours & Travel.” - Lori 

Kristen, now stepping into the role of CFO, reflects on her journey with Condor. Her passion for crafting unique travel experiences and her admiration for the hardworking women in the industry have powered her dedication to the company. Her elevation to the leadership team is a testament to her commitment and expertise. She has hard shoes to fill as Susan, after years of financial leadership, nears retirement.   

“Having joined the Condor Tours & Travel team nearly 3 years ago, I have been able to watch the company grow with impressive momentum. Joining the family company has been nothing short of amazing. From crafting unique travel experiences all around the world, exploring off the beaten path destinations, to dealing with some of the most hardworking women in the industry, I am pleased to be given the merit of CFO.” -Kristen 

For Alexandria, Condor has been a part of her life since childhood. From humble beginnings she has now taken on the role of COO and Travel Expert. With her extensive travel experience, having already checked off all 7 continents, and innovative vision, Alexandria is poised to lead Condor into its next chapter of success. 

“My first job was stuffing envelopes for Condor Tours and Travel. Founded by my late grandfather, Col Davis Stevenson, and inherited by my mother, Lori Snow, Condor has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember, and travel has always been central to who I am. I am honored to officially join the leadership team!” -Alexandria 

We have been expanding our services across Europe, Africa, and Asia Pacific while continuing our focus on Central and South American tourism. To enhance client experience, we've adopted a new travel management system offering Live Itineraries, Travel Libraries, and Invoicing. 

The addition of Blaine to our team underscores our commitment to enhancing communication and marketing efforts. With his expertise, we aim to expand our reach and connect with new audiences, further fuelling our growth trajectory. 

Over the past two years, our independent agents have played a pivotal role in driving Condor's success to new heights. Their dedication, expertise, and unwavering commitment have been instrumental in expanding our reach and providing exceptional service to our clients. In particular, we want to give a heartfelt shout-out to Pat Pritchard for her remarkable tenure and steadfast dedication to Condor. Pat's wealth of experience and tireless efforts have been the cornerstone of our agency's growth and success. Additionally, we commend Melissa Tillery for her impressive ascent within our ranks. Melissa's rapid rise speaks volumes about her talent, dedication, and passion for the travel industry. Together, Pat, Melissa, our two Cindy’s, Melissa B and Laura embody the spirit of Condor, and we're incredibly grateful for their contributions to our journey. Here's to many more adventures together! 🌟 

Despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, Condor has proven its resilience. We’ve bounced back stronger than ever, reaffirming our dedication to providing exceptional travel experiences. As we embark on this next phase of growth, we invite you to join us on this incredible journey with Condor Tours & Travel. Together, let’s explore the world and create unforgettable memories. We can’t wait to welcome you aboard! 

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